Best of Traders Log

Here is a roundup of evergreen articles for easy reference with topics ranging from trading strategies and technical analysis to trading psychology.

Ideas for Building Your Personal Trading Journal

Using Volume to Make Better Trades

WD Gann Biography

Tape Reading

Understanding Support and Resistance

Gann’s 29 Rules of Success

Five Fibonacci Tricks

Ten Lessons I Have Learned in Working With Traders

When It Comes to Trading Stocks, Just How Insane Are You?

Dan Zanger – “10 Keys I Use to Recognize Market Reversals”

Trail Guide Through the Stock Jungle

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Trader Today?

Managing Money to Stay in the Market

Forex: How to Trade News

The 10 Key Differences Between Bull and Bear Rallies…

Are You Trading with the Right Stuff?

Keeping a Trading Journal

How Much Should you Trade When you Trade?

Backtesting to Build Confidence

Do Stops Work?

My Best Idea for Small Investors

Market Cycles – Pi Cycle Theory

Buy, Hold and Fold Tricks of the Trade

If you only have an hour to trade…

A Step by Step Process for Developing a Consistently Profitable Trading Strategy

Introduction to using 13(f) Filings as an Investment Tool

What It Means to Trade From Home

Using Market Internals to Improve Your Trading

Key Tools and Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader

Position Sizing and Money Management Strategies for Traders

Top 10 Chart Patterns for Technical Traders

Legend of the Turtle Traders

Trading Systems 101

Gann’s 9-Sided Numbered Square

John Murphy’s Key to Success: Simplicity

Volatility Breakout Systems

Trader Linda Raschke Provides Tips on Day-Trading S&P

Time Tested Classic Trading Rules for the Modern Trader to Follow

The Mental Aspect of Trading

Bollinger Bands® Tactics

Why Successful Traders Use Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Capturing Trend Days

Fascinating Market Correlations You’ll Want to Use