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  • May ’15 Wheat ** Bear Trend Acceleration **

    - The MKT is vulnerable to the offer and threatening fresh losses. On the SELL side accept FADE, REVERSAL and BREAKOUT strategies below the previous session’s high point. DIR and DP BREAKOUT strategies should just “go”, so do not risk much. UP FADE strategies are recommended over REVER

  • Death Cross On Ralph Lauren Daily Chart

    A bearish 50/200 simple moving average crossover (aka ‘death cross’) has formed on the Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL) daily chart. The New York city based clothing maker has seen it’s stock fall sharply in 2015 from the recent high of $187 in made in December. Ralph Lauren Daily Chart Loo


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  1. News Stream Improves, ECB Continues to Weigh on Euro
    *The Reserve Bank of Australia defied expectations and left rates on hold earlier today.* This has lifted the. […]
  2. Nas Hits 5K
    *Nas Hits 5K* Good Morning Traders, As of this writing 4:50 AM EST, here’s what we see: *US Dollar*: Up at 9. […]