Technical Analysis for Today’s Automated Market

Technical Analysis is not static but continually evolves and changes on tandem with changes to the market structure, especially from the institutional trading venues, platforms, and order flow.

History of futures

While the trading of futures contracts is a seemingly modern one, where there is a great deal of speculative investing, in reality the commodity future contract is one of the oldest financial instruments, and arose from far more mundane concerns. The first known organised futures exchange originated in 1710 at the Dōjima Rice Exchange in … Read more

Binary Trading: Quick Guide

Being a combination of traditionally defined spread betting and ‘win or lose’ bets, binary bets draw benefits from both. They present the opportunity to speculate on an opinion, without being tied to your initial view for a pre-defined amount of time.

Five Top Trader Films You Need to Watch

Martin Scorsese is the latest in a line of top directors to be inspired by the tense, high-stakes world of trading, where millions of pounds can be won or lost on a single deal. The release of Scorsese’s latest film, The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is being eagerly anticipated around the world. … Read more

Overcoming the emotional barriers to day trading success

There is a rather common saying in financial circles, that the markets are primarily driven by two opposing forces namely, fear and greed. This is, perhaps, an over-simplification. There are, however, some psychological barriers that a trader should seek to understand and conquer