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June ’15 Russell 2000 ** Bull Trend **

– Technically the MKT is in a positive posture and as long as it continues to hold structure, further gains should be expected. If the integrity of the previous session low remains intact, look for excuses to get long. – On the SELL side UP FADE strategies are valid but profit targets an

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May ’15 Corn ** Neutral Digestion **

– Technically the MKT is “on the fence” with the potential to go in either direction or nowhere. Pick your points and have no expectations, as the likelihood of this MKT trading sideways is high. – On the SELL side BREAKOUT, FADE and REVERSAL strategies are valid, however pro

June ’15 Aussie $ ** Bear Trend Correction **

– Technically the MKT momentum is counter trend and will need a strong showing to overcome the underlying negative threat. – On the SELL side REVERSAL strategies off the UP or near the previous session or move high will work best. DIR or DP BREAKOUT should just go. A better option is to

Dollar Index Pressed Against Major 50% Retracement Level

The US Dollar Index rose modestly to a fresh 11-year high on Tuesday, shrugging off a worse than expected ISM Manufacturing PMI figure on Monday. Looking at the monthly chart we can see that price has recovered almost exactly 50% of the downmove since the high set in July of 2001. Analysts will be

May ’15 Wheat ** Bear Trend Acceleration **

– The MKT is vulnerable to the offer and threatening fresh losses. On the SELL side accept FADE, REVERSAL and BREAKOUT strategies below the previous session’s high point. DIR and DP BREAKOUT strategies should just “go”, so do not risk much. UP FADE strategies are recommended over

Death Cross On Ralph Lauren Daily Chart

A bearish 50/200 simple moving average crossover (aka ‘death cross’) has formed on the Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL) daily chart. The New York city based clothing maker has seen it’s stock fall sharply in 2015 from the recent high of $187 in made in December. Ralph Lauren Daily Chart Loo

Shooting Star Forms on Electronic Arts (EA) Daily Chart

Looking at the daily chart of video games maker Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) we can see that a bearish shooting star pattern formed on Thursday, after the stock reached a new 52 week high. The Redwood City, CA based company saw its stock surge after reporting strong third quarter earnings in late J

EUR/USD Falls to 1 Month Lows Amid Mixed US Data, Bullard Comments

On Thursday, the Euro fell to its lowest levels since January 26th against the U.S. Dollar after a slew of mixed U.S. economic data. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits increased by 31,000 to 313,000, the most since December 2013. Analysts had expected claims to rise to 290,000.

Grexit would shock eurozone, says Trichet

An exit by Greece would be just as dramatic now as during the eurozone crisis, says former ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet. He tells capital markets editor Ralph Atkins the historical political underpinning to the euro project has to be understood.

When It Comes to Trading Stocks, Just How Insane Are You?

By Dan Zanger Albert Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In trading, that would be comparable to losses week in and week out without re-evaluating your approach. Take the Trader’s Insanity Test So here is a quick test to see