IBKR Fundamentals Explorer 

The Interactive Brokers Fundamentals Explorer tool provides comprehensive global data, with access to company financial statements from Thomson Reuters, reports and news wires, and thousands of analyst ratings from TipRanks. It is available at no cost via the Trader Workstation Platform (TWS) and the web based Client Portal.

Fundamentals Explorer Includes:

  • Company Profile: The company profile includes a business summary, financial summary, industry classification, and general info.
  • Analyst Ratings: this includes Refinitiv Ratings, TipRanks Ratings and TipRanks sentiment.
  • Financials: this show the company’s income (total revenue, gross profit, net income), balance sheet (total assets, accounts payable, total liabilities, total equity, shares outstanding),
  • Key Ratios: (P/E normalized etc.)
  • Analyst Forecast: include forecasts for earnings per share, net income, gross margin and many more variables.
  • ESG Ratings: Environmental, Social and Governance Principles rated from poor to excellent.
  • Ownership: broken down into institutions, strategic entities and others. You can see how many shares the top instutions and strategic entities own.
  • Dividends: including dividend yield, annual dividend and industry comparisons.
  • News & Reports: including updates from Reuters and Dow Jones.

Traders and investors can learn how a company compares with competitors and the industry average across multiple data points and how a company has performed over time with historical trends.

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