The Broken-Wing Butterfly Trading Strategy

There are times when the market is in such a strong trend that even Stevie Wonder could see which direction to trade. Currently, however, the markets area is acting like a conundrum wrapped in a riddle.

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Gold still Golden for Put Sellers

It’s the commodity with which non-commodity investors are most familiar. It’s probably the most “emotionally” driven commodity where core supply demand factors matter little. And no matter what price it’s at, somebody always loves it.

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Selling Condors

By James Cordier, Michael Gross, Portfolio Managers, Liberty Trading Group/ A core focus of The Complete Guide to Option Selling (McGraw-Hill 2005) is pairing the logic of selling option premium with the long term fundamentals of a particular market. For many, this means establishing a bullish or bearish position in the market at a strike … Read more

Options for Rookies

Mark D. Wolfinger Do the words “stock options” make you uneasy? Without quite knowing why, do you have the feeling that stock options are dangerous and should only be used by speculators? You have plenty of company. Many people are under the same misconception. Do you drive a car? Would you consider getting behind the … Read more

Core Market Knowledge for Options Traders

By Martha Stokes, C.M.T. © copyright 2007 all rights reserved. Any time leverage is used in trading, it creates inherently higher risk. Therefore, it becomes even more critical for options players to have a foundation of knowledge that goes beyond the extremely narrow scope of “options strategies”. An option strategy is the last thing an … Read more