Interview with Veteran Trader and Philanthropist Richard Lackey

Richard Lackey has three decades of experience in the trading industry. Early in his career, he led companies later sold to Goldman Sachs and E*Trade. Richard has also served as the managing director for successful private funds and authored several books on market analysis.

Rubber Band Trading Strategy

The Rubber Band trading strategy aims to identify points where the market is overbought or oversold and likely to snap back towards the mean. Some traders use Keltner Channels for this strategy, while others use Bollinger Bands. We’ll take a look at how this strategy is used with Kelter Channels. The strategy uses a 40 … Read more

BetterTrader: Actionable, Real-Time Trading Insights

BetterTrader was founded in 2014 by a group of professional traders and statisticians who worked together in a specialized trading room for over 10 years. They realized that they couldn’t get real time analysis of economic events. Seeing that this delay in analysis of economic news resulted in missed trading opportunities, they decided to create a solution and BetterTrader was born.

Gold Extends Gains Following Dovish Fed Remarks

Gold marched higher in early trading on Thursday, rising above the 200-period simple moving average (SMA) – an important line in the sand between bulls and bears in the market. The yellow metal surged and the US dollar wilted on Wednesday, following accommodative comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

King Keltner Trading Strategy

Keltner Channels are a volatility-based technical indicator. The channels are composed of two bands plotted around an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of the data for a given period and are they are calculated by adding or subtracting twice the Average True Range (ATR) from the moving average. The King Keltner trading strategy generates a buy … Read more

Directory of Trading Strategies

In this article we compile a wide range of popular trading strategies. These can be useful to test and to help you come up with your own unique trading strategies. London Opening Range Breakout This strategy seeks to take advantage of the liquidity and volatility of the London trading session and has a maximum of … Read more

Bladerunner Trading Strategy

Bladerunner is a simple trend following strategy that uses a 20-period exponential moving average (EMA) along with price action patterns. The strategy can be traded across multiple currency pairs and also multiple timeframes, although it is most popular on shorter term timeframes. Since it is a trend following strategy it works best with instruments that … Read more

Can you Trade Forex on Robinhood?

No, Robinhood does not currently support forex trading. Robinhood offers trading in stocks, stock options, ETFs and cryptocurrency.