Toby Crabel

Toby Crabel is a celebrated commodities trader, and the fund manager of Crabel Capital Management. Crabel manages 2.8 billion dollars and achieved a growth rate of 16.7% in 2005. Crabel did not have a losing year from 1991 to 2002. Crabel attended Florida Technological University, and majored in finance. While attending college Toby began to trade the markets.

Crabel played professional tennis for three years and in 1980 he joined Rufenacht, Bromagen & Hertz (RB&H) in Chicago, IL as an analyst and also began trading for customer accounts using a discretionary approach.

In August 1983, he ventured into offering his trading advice to market professionals in newsletter forma – publishing a daily (ACT Daily Service) and weekly newsletter (The Active Trader) until October 1986.

In 1989 he published Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakouts.

In 1991 Toby started to work in research and trading under Victor Niederhoffer at Niederhoffer Investments in New York.  He left Niederhoffer Investments in 1993 to focus fully on managed futures trading.

During 1998 he ran his Hedge fund out of his house in the rural area northwest of Milwaukee. Since 1993, his firm has expanded from 2 to over 60 people worldwide. This team includes strategic joint ventures with world-class researchers and traders including Paul Buethe, John Hill, Steve Klemen and David Kennedy.

Like Alan Greenspan, Crabel is influenced by Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy. Crabel is also said to be an avid art collector with an interest in Romantic Realism.