Directory of Trading Strategies

In this article we compile a wide range of popular trading strategies. These can be useful to test and to help you come up with your own unique trading strategies.

London Opening Range Breakout This strategy seeks to take advantage of the liquidity and volatility of the London trading session and has a maximum of one trade per day.

Bollinger Bandit Trading Strategy This strategy looks for breakouts from the outer bands and requires that the close of the day be greater that that of 30 days ago for a long signal and the inverse for a short signal. It also uses custom settings.

Bladerunner Trading Strategy Bladerunner is a trend following strategy that looks for a bounce off the 20-period EMA as the entry signal.

Correlation Trading Strategy Correlations in the currency markets and how an understanding of these relationships can help you diversify, hedge and develop trading strategies.

News Trading Strategy Strategies for trading the news from Kathy Lien.

King Keltner Trading Strategy A popular strategy using Chester Keltner’s classic indicator.

Rubber Band Trading Strategy The strategy aims to profit from a snapback when prices are overbought or oversold.