Noam Gottesman

Firm: GLG Partners
City: London
2008 Age: 46
2008 Assets Under Management: $30 Billion

Noam Gottesman is one of the three founders of GLG Partners, a London based hedge fund. The fund was founded by Noam Gottesman, Pierre Lagrange and Jonathan Green. The three, whose last names make up the name GLG, met while they worked in Goldman Sachs’s private client business in the 1980s.

GLG Partners is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has $30 billion of assets under management. Gottesman has been a Managing Director of GLG Partners LP since its formation in September 2000.

Gottesman was formerly an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs International for 10 years – managing global equity portfolios in the private client group. He earned a BA at Columbia University, New York.

Mr Gottesman is known to be a active art collector. The 46 year old fund manager is married with four children.