Creating an Edge with Support and Resistance

Most traders have a working knowledge of support and resistance. Aamar Hussain has turned it into a science. In this educational session he’ll share his proprietary combination of over 10 different Support and Resistance identification methods including, Price Swing Lows, Market Profile, Elliot Wave, Volume Profile, Fibonacci and more to create what he calls the … Read more

Understanding the Limitations of Technical Analysis

In this webinar, FOREX analyst & trader Jason Alan Jankovsky introduces you to often overlooked basics of technical analysis. For example, technical analysis cannot be relied on for building a winning trade approach because it is not predictive, it is historical. It is the traders’ failure to understand this critical difference when analyzing the FOREX … Read more

Two Patterns You Never Heard of: Throwbacks and Pullbacks

By Thomas N. Bulkowski Throwbacks and pullbacks are not new to securities, but if you don’t understand how price behaves, a losing trade may result. Figure 1 shows an example of a throwback. Price forms a symmetrical triangle by bumping up against overhead resistance highlighted by a down-sloping trendline and finds support along the bottom … Read more

Harmonic Elliott Wave

INTRODUCTION There is no doubt Elliott Wave is one of those techniques that traders either love or hate. For some it’s almost a status symbol to be able to count waves. Others find it just too hard. I have looked over some online Elliott Wave forums on an occasional basis just to have a look … Read more

Bearish Separating Lines

Bearish Separating Lines is a continuation pattern that occurs in a downtrend with a long bodied white candlestick followed by a black candlestick with the same opening price as the first but with no upper wick.

Bullish Separating Lines

Bullish Separating Lines is a continuation pattern that occurs in an uptrend with a long bodied black candlestick followed by a white candlestick with the same opening price as the first but with no lower wick.

Bullish In Neck Line

Bullish In Neck Line is a two candlestick continuation pattern that occurs during a uptrend. The first candlestick is long bodied and white. The second candlestick gaps higher but ends up closing below it’s open, at around the level of the top of the prior candlestick’s body.