Spotting Stock Market Winners

Traders like to shoot for big wins and are willing to accept small losses along the way. In the stock market, big winners unfold over years and could be a valuable core holding in a trading account. Stocks can be traded on margin and many brokers allow traders to margin stocks, futures and options in … Read more

Are Stocks and Bonds Really Different?

In the long-term, investors in stocks and bonds have different goals but the performance of the two investments has been about the same over the past thirty years. Given the similarity in long-term performance, it is worth looking at the question of whether or not stocks can be traded with the same strategies as bonds … Read more

Do Stops Work?

One of the first lessons that new traders are taught is that one of the keys to success is to cut losses and let winners run. This almost always leads traders to believe stop loss orders should be used to cut losses and are a valuable part of any trading strategy. Individual traders also seem … Read more

My Best Idea for Small Investors

Stocks are a wonderful investment but they will not be the right choice for small investors looking at trading for a living. A widely cited figure is that stocks return about 10 percent a year in the long run. If a successful trader can triple that, a 30 percent annual return will not amount to … Read more

Trading Without Software

When just starting out, some beginning traders will want to use all of their available funds to trade rather than buying software and data feeds. In this article, we’ll look at how that can be done, using free end of day data and indicators. Trading software allows traders to design and back test trading systems. … Read more