Trail Guide Through the Stock Jungle

By Matt Blackman With 2012 now behind us and new one underway, Dan Zanger, stock trader and host of, has had a chance to reflect and take stock of what the market holds for the coming year as he prepares for his upcoming annual stock trading seminar in April. “Yes, the broader market registered … Read more

Are You Trading with the Right Stuff?

Successful Traders Possess Key Traits that Separate Them from the Herd By Matt Blackman, CMT Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a really great trader? Your answer may be just around the corner. Famous commodities trader Larry Williams and his son, Dr. Jason Williams, who studied psychiatry at the John Hopkins … Read more

Netflix – Is the stock traders love to hate finally recovering?

And three compelling reasons to buy it By Matt Blackman, CMT It’s been a rough ride for Netflix investors. Without much warning, the stock began to drop in mid-July 2011 after the company divided its DVD by mail and online streaming services into two separate offerings, effectively doubling the price for subscribers in what can … Read more

Buy, Hold and Fold Tricks of the Trade

When the market is rallying and bulls stampeding, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. But every trader must learn when its time to step back or step out altogether if he or she is to survive in the trading game. Like the run from 1998 to 2000, the 2003-7 rally offered the … Read more

Decoding the Derivative Dilemma

By Matt Blackman, CMT Derivatives have grown from a relatively small market thirty years ago to the 800-pound financial gorilla in the world today. At over $600 trillion in notional value, it’s nearly ten-times the size of total annual world economic output. So when a derivative-related “credit event” triggered the financial crisis of 2008, it … Read more

Trading the Election Cycle

What if someone told you it was possible to capture the lion’s share of Dow gains by only being invested and at risk in the market for a little more than half the time? Would it surprise you to learn that governments have developed an uncanny knack at kicking the economy into overdrive leading up … Read more