A Look Back at the Flash Crash

By Jonathan Yates In the year after the “Flash Crash,” the response of professional investors has been like that towards growing crowds at your favorite restaurant. You want enough customers to eat there to keep it in business, but not so many that you have to wait for a table. While the increased profits, greater … Read more

Federal Reserve Toxic Assets

By Jonathan Yates (May 2011) Back offices are notoriously the weaknesses in financial institutions for a variety of factors.   The most obvious is that the back office is not a revenue producer.  It does not bring in the earnings that a trader or investment banker does.  As a result, it will never receive neither the … Read more

Tweet Investing

By Jonathan Yates John Burbank III, founder of Passport Capital, once observed that, “There is no way you can make 30 percent a year going long on the S&P 500.  If you’re going to hit that kind of return, you have to go to places where it is going to happen.”   This focus on intensive … Read more

Paul Tudor Jones Profile

By Jonathan Yates Counterpunching is the key to success for legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones II, founder of the hedge funds group, Tudor Investment Corporation. A former welterweight boxing champion in college at the University of Virginia, like any seasoned master of the sweet science, the investment focus of Jones and his funds at Tudor … Read more

John Burbank Profile

By Jonathan Yates (May 2011) Like Bruce Kovner, founder of Caxton Associates, LLC, John Burbank III, founder of Passport Capital LLC, financed his initial foray into investing with money borrowed from his credit cards.  Unlike Kovner, Burbank lost almost all of the $50,000 borrowed.  Like Kovner, by far the greatest return earned from the first … Read more