John Murphy’s Key to Success: Simplicity

By Jim Wyckoff, “My work has gotten better due to simplifying my approach,” John J. Murphy, the veteran technical analyst, author and CNBC resident technical analyst, told a group of equities and futures traders attending the Technical Analysis Group (TAG) XVIII trading conference sponsored by Dow Jones Telerate in New Orleans. Murphy said he … Read more

Trading Philosophies of W.D. Gann

William Delbert (W.D.) Gann is regarded as one of the pioneers of technical analysis and market behavior. He wrote several books on stock and commodity trading and developed the well known “Gann angles” and “Gann Fans.”

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Why Successful Traders Use Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Support and resistance levels on bar charts are a major component in the study of technical analysis. Many traders, including myself, use support and resistance levels to identify entry and exit points when trading markets. When determining support and resistance levels on charts, one should not overlook the key Fibonacci percentage “retracement” levels. I will … Read more

Using Larry Williams’ Percent Range Indicator in Your Trading

The Percent Range (%R) technical indicator was developed by well-known futures author and trader Larry Williams. This system attempts to measure overbought and oversold market conditions. The %R always falls between a value of 100 and 0. There are two horizontal lines in the study that represent the 20% and 80% overbought and oversold levels.

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The Top 10 Mistakes Traders Make

Achieving success in futures trading requires avoiding numerous pitfalls as much, or more, than it does seeking out and executing winning trades. In fact, most professional traders will tell you that it’s not any specific trading methodologies that make traders successful, but instead it’s the overall rules to which those traders strictly adhere that keep them “in the game” long enough to achieve success.

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Technical Traders Should Still Examine Fundamentals

Those who have read my features know I base the vast majority of my trading decisions on technical indicators and chart analysis–and also on market psychology. However, I do not ignore certain fundamentals that could impact the markets I’m trading. Neither should you.

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Swing Trading: Making $$$ in a Sideways Market

By Jim Wyckoff “The Trend is Your Friend” is a tried and true market adage that is indeed one of the most valuable futures trading tenets. However, history shows that most markets tend to move in a non-trending, or “sideways” fashion more of the time than they are in a trending mode. There are several methods … Read more