Richard Driehaus Profile

Richard Driehaus is famous as founder of Driehaus Capital Management which produced compounded annual return in excess of 30% net of all fees over 12 years.

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Paul Tudor Jones Profile

Counterpunching is the key to success for legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones II, founder of the hedge funds group, Tudor Investment Corporation.

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David Tepper Profile

David Alan Tepper bets big and wins big on big banks and stocks. Appaloosa Management, the Chatham, N.J. fund he founded and manages, held more than $1.2 billion combined in the four biggest U.S. banks, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, after he raised his bets on them during the fourth quarter of 2010.

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Nicola Horlick

Firm: Bramdean Asset ManagementCity: London2008 Age: 472008 Assets Under Management (AUM): £7 Billion Nicola Horlick established her reputation in the early 1990’s at Morgan Grenfell Investment Management. In 1997 she teamed up with Keith Percy and assumed the role of Chief Executive of SG Asset Management (SGAM). Horlick is currently Chief Executive Officer of Bramdean … Read more


Beta is value that reflects the amount of risk of a single or combined group of securities measured against the market as a whole. A beta value of 1 suggest that the security or portfolio will move in line with the overall market. A beta of less than 1 suggets that the security will be … Read more