Profiles: Kenneth C. Griffin

Name: Kenneth C. Griffin Born: Daytona Beach, Florida in 1968. Affiliation: Citadel LLC (formerly known as Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C.) Kenneth C. Griffin is one of world’s top ranked hedge fund managers. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel, a Chicago based investment firm. Citadel is ranked amongst the largest and most successful hedge … Read more

Richard Driehaus Profile

Born: Chicago, Illinois in 1942 Affiliations: Driehaus Mutual Funds, AGF Investments Inc, VAM Funds Most Famous For: Richard Driehaus is famous as founder of Driehaus Capital Management which produced compounded annual return in excess of 30% net of all fees over 12 years. In the year 2000, Driehaus was named Barron’s “All-Century” team of the 25 … Read more

Paul Tudor Jones Profile

By Jonathan Yates Counterpunching is the key to success for legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones II, founder of the hedge funds group, Tudor Investment Corporation. A former welterweight boxing champion in college at the University of Virginia, like any seasoned master of the sweet science, the investment focus of Jones and his funds at Tudor … Read more

David Tepper Profile

By Alan Dessoff Born: Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1957 Affiliations: Appaloosa Management Most Famous for: David Alan Tepper bets big and wins big on big banks and stocks. Appaloosa Management, the Chatham, N.J. fund he founded and manages, held more than $1.2 billion combined in the four biggest U.S. banks, according to a filing with the … Read more

Phil Falcone

The youngest of nine siblings, Phil Falcone was an avid and formidable hockey player as a youth in his hometown of Chisholm, Minnesota. He went on to play hockey for Harvard University, where he graduated with a BA in economics in 1984. Falcone began his career in 1985, trading high yield and distressed securities at … Read more

Noam Gottesman

Firm: GLG Partners City: London 2008 Age: 46 2008 Assets Under Management: $30 Billion Noam Gottesman is one of the three founders of GLG Partners, a London based hedge fund. The fund was founded by Noam Gottesman, Pierre Lagrange and Jonathan Green. The three, whose last names make up the name GLG, met while they … Read more

Daniel Loeb

Firm: Third Point Management City: New York 2008 Age: 46 Loeb grew up in Santa Monica Canyon in California. One of three children, his father was an attorney and his mother a historian. An astute trader from a young age, Loeb was already trading stocks in high school. After spending two years at the University … Read more

Tim Barakett

Firm: Atticus Capital City: New York 2008 Age: 42 2008 Assets Under Management (AUM): $17.5 Billion Atticus Capital was founded in 1995 by Timothy Barakett and Nathaniel Rothschild. Barakett played hockey for Harvard University and was a first round pick in the 1986 NHL draft – but turned down a chance to play for the … Read more

Eddie Lampert

Firm: ESL Investments City: Greenwich, Connecticut 2008 Age: 46 Edward S. “Eddie” Lampert is the founder of ESL Investments. Lampert graduated from Yale University in 1984 with a degree in economics. While at Yale he worked as a research assistant for Professor James Tobin, a Nobel Prize winning economist. Lampert was also a member of … Read more