What Does It Take to Be a Successful Trader Today?

By Daniel J. Zanger Every year when preparing for the annual ChartPattern.com stock trading conference, I have a chance to look back on which trades worked best over the past year and what trends are emerging for the year ahead. Designed for serious traders, the conference gives attendees the opportunity to hear first-hand what I … Read more

Two Patterns You Never Heard of: Throwbacks and Pullbacks

By Thomas N. Bulkowski Throwbacks and pullbacks are not new to securities, but if you don’t understand how price behaves, a losing trade may result. Figure 1 shows an example of a throwback. Price forms a symmetrical triangle by bumping up against overhead resistance highlighted by a down-sloping trendline and finds support along the bottom … Read more

Ascending Triangle

The ascending triangle is a bullish chart pattern. The triangle is formed by two converging trendlines, where the lower line is rising and the upper line is flat. The price breaking through the horizontal resistance level depicted by the flat trendline is considered a buy signal.

Double Top

A technical analysis term for a chart pattern displaying two prominent peaks, where price has risen to the same price level twice. This price level is considered to constitute resistance. The opposite of double bottom.

Double Bottom

The Double Bottom is a reveral chart pattern that occurs when, during a downtrend, the market makes two lows at the same level. The first trough marks the low of the prior downtrend. This low is followed by an advance of typically 10-20%. The price then retraces back to the low where it finds support … Read more

AB=CD Pattern Keeping it Simple

By Larry Pesavento and Leslie Jouflas History of the AB=CD Pattern In 1935 a book was published for sale to investors at an incredible price of $1500. That book was Profits in the Stock Market by H.M. Gartley. On page 249 Gartley describes a chart pattern, “Practical Use of Trend Lines”, which we now call … Read more

Abandoned Baby

An unusual reversal pattern on a Japanese Candlestick chart defined by a gap followed by a Doji, followed by another gap in the opposite direction. The shadows on the Doji have to completely gap above or below the shadows of the first and third day. See Bullish Abandoned Baby

Head and Shoulders Top

A bearish reversal pattern defined by three prominent highs with a middle peak, (the head) that is higher than the other peaks (the shoulders). The neckline is drawn beneath the two price lows that separate the head from the shoulders. Downward penetration of the neckline is typically considered the sell entry signal. See also:  Head and … Read more

Head and Shoulders Bottom

A bullish reversal pattern defined by three prominent lows with a middle low (the head) that is lower than the other lows (the shoulders). The neckline is drawn above the two price highs that separate the head from the shoulders. Upward penetration of the neckline is typically considered the buy entry signal. See also: Head and Shoulders … Read more