Jim Pallotta

City: Boston 2008 Age: 50 Jim Pallotta spent 15 years as a money manager for Paul Tudor Jones at the $18 billion Tudor Investment Corp. According to a letter sent to investors, Pallotta is leaving Tudor Investment to start his own firm. He will retain control of his $5 billion Raptor Global Fund along with … Read more

Full Stochastic Indicator

The Full Stochastic Oscillator uses an additional parameter; a “smoothing factor” for the initial %K line. Chart courtesy of Prophet Financial Systems (www.prophet.net)

Jim Chanos

Firm: Kynikos Associates City: New York 2008 Age: 50 2008 Assets Under Management: $4 Billion James Chanos was born in Milwaukee in 1958. He graduated from Yale University in 1980. Chanos is is the president and founder of New York based Kynikos Associates. Kynikos is Greek for cynic. Chanos is famous on Wall Street for … Read more

Jensen Alpha

Developed by Michael Jensen, Jensen Alpha measures the performance of a investment in relation to a benchmark. Jensen’s Alpha was initially used in the 1970’s to evaluate mutual fund managers. Positive Alphas suggest strong performance while negative Alphas reflect weak performance. See also: Alpha

Arms Index

This short-term technical analysis breadth indicator was developed by Richard W. Arms in 1967. The Arms Index, or TRIN (TRading INdex) shows the ratio between the average volume of declining stocks and the average volume of advancing stocks. A rising TRIN is bearish and a falling TRIN is bullish. TRIN is interpreted as the follows: … Read more

Andrews Pitchfork

Andrew’s Pitchfork (AP) uses three parallel lines usually drawn from three consecutive major peaks or troughs. The three parallel lines are interpreted as support and resistance areas. Developed by Alan Andrews.

Jeffrey Gendell

Firm: Tontine Associates City: Greenwich, Connecticut 2008 Age: 48 2008 Assets Under Management: $10 Billion Jeffrey Gendell, a graduate of Duke University, started out his career in finance at Smith Barney’s. In 1997 he founded Tontine Partners. In 2003 and 2005 the fund generated stellar returns – in excess of 100%. Gendell uses a macro … Read more

Jay Gould

Jay Gould (1836-1892) was born and raised on a farm near Roxbury, New York. He attended Hobart academy but left school at 16, to continue studing privately. By the age of twenty-one he had prepared several county maps, written a local history, and saved five thousand dollars. He worked with his father in the hardware … Read more

Fibonacci Time Zones

Fibonacci time zones are composed by dividing a chart with vertical lines spaced apart in a ratio adhering to the Fibonacci number sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.). The interpretation of Fibonacci Time Zones involves looking for significant price movement near the vertical lines. Also known as Fibonacci Time Series. Related Articles: … Read more