Pin Bar Reversal Pattern in USD/CHF

Looking at today’s USD/CHF chart we can see that a bullish pin bar reversal pattern has formed after price reached down to the prior resistance level of 0.9648, which now forms support. Stochastics are poised to cross from below to above the 20 level, adding to the bullish scenario.

EUR/USD Sinks to 13 Month Lows Amid Turkey Exposure Fears

EUR/USD sank to its lowest levels since July 2017 in early trading on Friday, breaking out of a period of consolidation that began in May. The Turkish Lira has fallen 30% since the beginning of the year and 10% since the beginning of August as fears mount over the health of the Turkish economy. The … Read more

Reversal Patterns in GBP Pairs, Inside Bars in Gold and Silver

In today’s daily chart watch we are looking at a potential reversal in the British Pound. We’ve also got interesting inside bar patterns to look at in gold and silver and some well formed chart patterns in EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. Let’s jump into it. In both gold and silver, price has been consolidating at the … Read more

Textbook Pin Bar Set up on EUR/GBP H4 Chart

A classic pin bar set up has formed on the EUR/GBP four hour  chart. Price reached to a prior resistance level of 0.9030, which we can see on the weekly chart below before reversing. Stochastics also crossed from above 80 to below 80, adding to the bearish scenario. The set up is usually traded by … Read more

Bitcoin Slumps as SEC Delays SolidX ETF Decision

The selloff in Bitcoin has intensified on Wednesday morning after Tuesday’s SEC announcement of plans to delay a decision on the SolidX Bitcoin ETF. The proposed SolidX Bitcoin ETF would hold bitcoin and seek to track the cryptocurrency’s price. With the delay, the SEC now has until the end of September to make a decision. On … Read more