David Kyte

David Kyte began his career on the trading floor as a blue button on the London Stock Exchange. He then became a Stock Exchange dealer.

The news of the opening of the LIFFE exchange caught Kyte’s interest and he landed a job on the trading floor. Kyte began his career on the floor of LIFFE acting as a floor broker and filling orders. In 1982, during the early days of the LIFFE exchange, the only contract being traded on the floor was Eurodollars. Shortly thereafter, the exchange introduced the short sterling contract and the three month interbank rate. At this point, Kyte began to take an interest in spread trading, buying and selling one month against another. Kyte then graduated to became a local trader, trading his own account while also filling orders for others. The Kyte Group was started in 1985 and rapidly expanded based on the success of it’s traders.