Curtis Faith

Curtis Faith is a notable participant of Richard Dennis’ fabled Turtle Trader experiment. He is the author of Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders (2007) and Inside the Mind of the Turtles: How the World’s Best Traders Master Risk. See also: Curtis Faith Interview, Turtle Trading System Rules

Lewis J. Borsellino

Famous S&P 500 Futures trader, and contributing commentator on CNN and CNBC. Borsellino’s lengthy career spans back to the early days of S&P Futures Trading at the CME, and he has remained a leading player in that contract for many years.

Phil Falcone

The youngest of nine siblings, Phil Falcone was an avid and formidable hockey player as a youth in his hometown of Chisholm, Minnesota. He went on to play hockey for Harvard University, where he graduated with a BA in economics in 1984. Falcone began his career in 1985, trading high yield and distressed securities at … Read more

Noam Gottesman

Firm: GLG Partners City: London 2008 Age: 46 2008 Assets Under Management: $30 Billion Noam Gottesman is one of the three founders of GLG Partners, a London based hedge fund. The fund was founded by Noam Gottesman, Pierre Lagrange and Jonathan Green. The three, whose last names make up the name GLG, met while they … Read more

Daniel Loeb

Firm: Third Point Management City: New York 2008 Age: 46 Loeb grew up in Santa Monica Canyon in California. One of three children, his father was an attorney and his mother a historian. An astute trader from a young age, Loeb was already trading stocks in high school. After spending two years at the University … Read more