Key Tools and Strategies for the Electronic Futures Trader

By Tim Racette The first step to becoming a successful trader is developing a sound foundation of tools and knowledge in which to trade. Whether you’re new to trading or been at it for years, the tools and strategies outlined here provide a solid foundation for a successful trading career. Before we delve into actual … Read more

Trend Analysis using Open Interest and Volume

Open Interest (also known as Open Contracts or Open Commitments) refers to the number of active or open contracts for any given security. It applies to the futures and options markets but not to stocks. In the futures market it refers to the total number of contracts long or short in a delivery month or … Read more

What is a Trading System?

A trading system is a collection of formulas and rules that generate buy and sell recommendations. Trading systems have been developed for decades, but the recent advances in technology with the pc and internet have increased interest in them and broadened the number of people actively involved in their use. Technical indicators such as oscillators, … Read more

Global Macro Trading Strategies

The term global macro is used to describe a trading strategy used by various hedge funds. Hedge Funds using the global macro strategy take positions in on the basis of macroeconomic forecasts and analysis in a global context. Global macro analysis covers areas such as interest rates, government policies and inter-government relations. An example of … Read more

Forex Trading Strategies

Successfully trading the forex market on an intraday basis requires precision and a very careful selection of trades. The enormous scope of the trillion dollar, 24 hour, globe spanning fx market presents a miriad of opportunities for the short term trader – however a day trader in this market must be aware of certain inherent … Read more