The Top Five Driving Fundamentals of Forex

FOREX traders are often seen as the top-traders in the world and as such it is important to know what professionals in this market value when analyzing a potential opportunity. FOREX traders as a group are some of the best educated, best experienced, best capitalized and best informed individuals participating in global opportunity.

Uranium Market Fundamentals

While a majority of Americans have opinions on the subject of nuclear power, only a small percentage have any idea that 20% of their power needs are met by an element that is in short supply.

The Employment Report

The monthly Employment Report is the most timely and broad indicator of economic activity and overall economic health. It provides a wealth of data on almost all sectors of the economy. The report is made up of two separate reports which are the results of two separate surveys.

Federal Reserve Policy

The Federal Reserve is the U.S. central bank, and it regulates the nation’s financial institutions and implements economic and monetary policies that aim to keep the economy operating at it’s best. The Fed controls the US economy through it’s regulation of interest rates. It’s policies influence commodity prices, the value of the US dollar in … Read more

Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy refers to the policy used by central banks to manage the supply of money or trading in the foreign exchange market. Central banks typically have two core mandates: – Preserve the stability of prices/contain inflation – Foster an environment for sustainable economic growth Expansionary Monetary Policy Expansionary monetary policy increases the total supply … Read more