Tape Reading

By Linda Bradford Raschke Sometimes it is nice to reexamine a simple concept when there appears to be overwhelming volatility in the markets. Mechanical systems and patterns are helpful and even necessary for the structure they impose in organizing data, but even Richard Dennis in his original course discussed ways to “anticipate” entry signals, exit … Read more

Volatility Breakout Systems

By Linda Bradford Raschke  Breakout systems can actually be considered another form of swing trading, (which is a style of short term trading designed to capture the next immediate move). In other words, the trader is not concerned with any long term forecast or analysis, only the immediate price action. Volatility breakout systems are based … Read more

Time Tested Classic Trading Rules for the Modern Trader to Follow

By Linda Bradford Raschke This is a list of classic trading rules that was given to me while on the trading floor in 1984. A senior trader collected these rules from classic trading literature throughout the twentieth century. They obviously withstand the age-old test of time. I’m sure most everybody knows these truisms in their … Read more

The Mental Aspect of Trading

Many traders quickly come to acknowledge that despite being familiar with winning strategies, systems, and money management techniques, trading success is dependent on your psychological state of mind. If you’re a trader just starting out, where do you find the initial confidence to pull the trigger? How do you deal with the down times without … Read more

Swing Trading: Rules and Philosophy

By Linda Bradford Raschke My style is based on the “Taylor Trading Technique”, a short-term method for trading daily price movements that relies entirely on odds and percentages . It is a method as opposed to a system. Very few people can blindly follow a system, though many find it easier to be discretionary in … Read more

Buying New Momentum Highs

Much has been written about the use of momentum oscillators in highlighting retracements in a trend or momentum divergences. This article will show an entirely different way that momentum oscillators can be used. Many traders become conditioned to only initiating trades counter the short-term trend. For example, when buying a retracement in an uptrend, we are entering … Read more