Trading Philosophies of W.D. Gann

By Jim Wyckoff William Delbert (W.D.) Gann is regarded as one of the pioneers of technical analysis and market behavior. He wrote several books on stock and commodity trading and developed the well known “Gann angles” and “Gann Fans.” Gann was born on a farm near Lufkin, Texas, in 1878. His rise to trading fame … Read more

Why Successful Traders Use Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Support and resistance levels on bar charts are a major component in the study of technical analysis. Many traders, including myself, use support and resistance levels to identify entry and exit points when trading markets. When determining support and resistance levels on charts, one should not overlook the key Fibonacci percentage “retracement” levels. I will … Read more

Using Larry Williams’ Percent Range Indicator in Your Trading

By Jim Wyckoff The Percent Range (%R) technical indicator was developed by well-known futures author and trader Larry Williams. This system attempts to measure overbought and oversold market conditions. The %R always falls between a value of 100 and 0. There are two horizontal lines in the study that represent the 20% and 80% overbought … Read more

Trading Options on Futures

By Jim Wyckoff A while back, I received several emails from readers wanting to know if they should short the crude oil market because of its lofty price levels. I responded that I don’t give specific trading recommendations, but I certainly do want to help my readers succeed at the difficult task of trading futures … Read more

Trader Mark Cook Reveals His Rules for Day-Trading Markets

By Jim Wyckoff A day trader is a cross between an extrovert and an introvert, with both characteristics in balance, according to Mark Cook, a veteran trader from East Sparta, Ohio. “The introvert aspect is depicted by the disciplined workaholic with a reclusive concentration. The extrovert aspect is depicted by an aggressive, competitive, self-motivated individual … Read more