• Larry Ellison – Portrait of a Pioneer

    This past week it was announced that Larry Ellison will be stepping down as the CEO of the Oracle Corporation and in his stead has created two co-CEOs – Mark Hurd (formerly CEO of HP) and Safra Catz, a legal mind that was successful in Oracle’s lawsuit against SAP a few years ago. This will repr

  • iPhone 6 Plus marks Apple’s initial foray into phablet market

    Last week Apple announced two updates to its iPhone range along with a smartwatch and a new mobile payments system. The new iterations to its phone lineup, dubbed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, were particularly intriguing. Sales of the latter will be closely watched as it marks Apple’s initial f


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  1. Gold descends to new 2014 low
    Gold (daily chart shown below) has continued its sharp descent of the past month-and-a-half and has begun the. […]
  2. Dollar Slips Marginally, Dollar-Bloc Remains Heavy, Market Awaits Fresh Push
    *Fresh dollar positive developments have not materialized. * Moody's did not downgrade France before the weeke. […]