Use the Market Profile for Profit

Some have heard of the Market Profile but many do not realise that the Profile has undergone at least three evolutions: from the traditional 30-minutes per day variation to the Steidlmayer Distribution (now also called [Modern] Market Profile) to the Cap Flow version.

In a 50-minute presentation, Ray shows how the Profile can be used for profit and will introduce the Death Zone setup that warned on September 27 that the S&P’s would probably move down strongly. The next day the S&P moved down and at time of writing (Oct 3) has lost 8% in four days.

Ray Barros is a professional trader, fund manager, author and educator. Ray closed his private hedge fund in December 2010. In 1990, he started with A$20 million and by the time the fund closed, it had grown to A$943 million. The December 2010 result was the best in his trading history, securing a 137 per cent return”

Ray is also the author of two books — ‘The Nature of Trends’ and ‘The Ray Wave’. Ray has been regularly featured in regional newspapers and publications like The Singapore Strait Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Your Trading Edge Magazine, Singapore Business Times, and Smart Investor. He has also been featured on BBC (Asia), CNBC, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia and a number of Indian TV stations e.g. Channel 18 (CNBC Indian Affiliate) and UtV-Bloomberg. In addition, Ray has given public and in-house seminars in Sydney, Singapore, Bombay, Shanghai, London, Tokyo and Taiwan.