The big problem with traders is that they rely on a strategy to follow. What they don’t know is that while strategy accounts for 10% of their performance, their psychology counts for 60%.

Imagine this, you enter a trade, the trade was going your way, but perhaps you never closed it after reaching your goal because you got too greedy – so you end up losing money. Or, a trade wasn’t going your way but you were hoping it would go back up and it never did – so you end up losing money again.

Your emotions are taking over and overwriting rational decisions – this is why TraderSync was created – so you can easily see the emotions and trading patterns that are making you lose money.

With TraderSync you get a trade journal to keep track of your trades so you can build a disciplined profitable strategy.

When you look at the powerful but easy to understand reports you can quickly identify the patterns that are making you profits and the ones that are not. With the performance tools you can run simulations from your trades. This way you can understand how to best optimize your strategy with small tweaks into your trades.

With real time emotion tracking you can easily identify your emotions to prevent them from making you lose a trade. Or you could use them to look back at your reports and understand which emotions are making you lose money so you can work on managing them.

It’s super easy to get started. With a free trial account you can import your trades from your broker, enter your setups, mistakes and download the emotion tracking app. Let TraderSync give you easy to follow cues to identify your profitable trading patterns and improve your performance like never before.

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