The Top Five Driving Fundamentals of Forex

By Jason Alan Jankovsky

FOREX traders are often seen as the top-traders in the world and as such it is important to know what professionals in this market value when analyzing a potential opportunity. FOREX traders as a group are some of the best educated, best experienced, best capitalized and best informed individuals participating in global opportunity. Because these traders place high demands on themselves and their opportunity base, they will often focus on things the average trader might miss or find less-important. Conversely, the things many traders value as clues to price action may not be that significant to most FOREX traders.

In this webinar, we will look at the top five fundamentals FOREX traders tend to value when considering opportunity in the USD; the benchmark for global FOREX trading. This webinar includes:

• What are the top five fundamentals for the USD?

• Why these are important and not others

• How these fundamentals are seen in context of economic change