Boris Stein Interview

By Chuck Frank Ā©2007, Reprinted with permission of Traders World Magazine ( Boris Stein entered the 23rd World Cup Championship of Futures TradingĀ® on November 15, 2006, and captured second place with a 77% net return, becoming the first trader to enter the calendar-year competition in November and still win a trophy. Stein was granted … Read more

Risk/Reward Ratio

The relationship between the probability of loss and profit. This ratio is often used as a basis for trade selection or comparison.

Automated Trading Systems and the Forex Market

An army of small speculators have entered the forex arena armed with pooled knowledge and sophisticated technology rivaling that of large institutions. By Dan Blystone As the editor of a website focused on trading and investing I try to keep track of industry related trends and the hot topics of the moment. Notably, the combination … Read more

Trading Systems

Introduction to Testing Trading Ideas A Sample Trading System How long should you Backtest a Trading System? How to Develop a Profitable Trading System What account size do I need? Why You Should Trade more than one Trading System New to Online Day Trading? MetaTrader MQL4 Tutorial Automated Trading Systems and the Forex Market