The Three Dimensional Market: Who, What, Why?

PART I: TRACKING MARKET PARTICIPANTS By Martha Stokes, C.M.T. © copyright 2007 all rights reserved. Most traders have a one dimensional view of the market.  They are simply searching for stocks to buy or sell using the latest strategy or indicator that they have learned.  Excitement is high about the latest trend and they are … Read more

Momentum Reversals in E-Mini Futures Contracts

By Toni Hansen For many traders, the decision to trade the E-Mini futures market is viewed as a highly lucrative decision. The tax benefits and the ability to trade with relatively small starting capital thanks to the leverage makes it very appealing to many. In the stock market, the tax obligations and pattern day trader … Read more

Automated Trading Systems and the Forex Market

By Dan Blystone As the editor of a website focused on trading and investing I try to keep track of industry related trends and the hot topics of the moment. Notably, the combination of the forex market and automated trading systems has generated a massive hive of interest online. In this article we’ll cover the … Read more