The Brain on Trading: Emotional Intelligence and the Trader’s Mind

An Emotional Braking System Failure “I left money on the table yesterday, and I’m not going to leave money on the table this time!” Harry silently declared, “I’ve missed out too many times – I’m going to ride this one and clean up.” Harry could feel the excitement pulsing in his veins – he could … Read more

The Technical Aspects of Trading Emotions

By Martha Stokes, C.M.T. © copyright 2007 all rights reserved. Every seminar and book will tell you that controlling your emotions and having discipline in you’re trading are essential to your success. But no one tells you how to achieve emotional control and personal discipline while trading the market. Every trader sees the market differently … Read more

Dr. Van K. Tharp

Dr. Van K. Tharp is a specialist in the area of trading psychology. He is the author of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading. He is featured in Jack Schwager’s classic Market Wizard’s: Interviews with Great Traders.