Curtis Faith

Curtis Faith is a notable participant of Richard Dennis’ fabled Turtle Trader experiment. He is the author of Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders (2007) and Inside the Mind of the Turtles: How the World’s Best Traders Master Risk.

Lewis J. Borsellino

Famous S&P 500 Futures trader, and contributing commentator on CNN and CNBC. Borsellino’s lengthy career spans back to the early days of S&P Futures Trading at the CME, and he has remained a leading player in that contract for many years.

Ed Seykota

Ed Seykota is a commodities and futures trader, trading educator and trading systems developer. Seykota holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management from MIT.  In 1970 he pioneered systems trading using early punch card computers to test his trading strategies. His entry into the world of trading systems had in part been inspired by … Read more

David Kyte

David Kyte began his career on the trading floor as a blue button on the London Stock Exchange. He then became a Stock Exchange dealer. The news of the opening of the LIFFE exchange caught Kyte’s interest and he landed a job on the trading floor. Kyte began his career on the floor of LIFFE … Read more

Charles DiFrancesca

Charlie D  (Charles DiFrancesca) was a legendary trader in the Treasury Bond Pit at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). In addition to being one of the greatest traders of his generation, Charlie D was known as being larger than life and a true philanthropist. Tragically, Charlie D was afflicted with lymphoma and passed away … Read more

Tom Baldwin

Formerly a product manager for a meat-packing firm, Lucien Thomas Baldwin III started trading with $20,000 in 1982. With the US experiencing high inflation in the early 1980s treasury bonds became popular with both hedgers and speculators resulting in high trading volume. T-Bond Futures became Baldwin ‘s favourite instrument to trade, and he emerged as … Read more