Spotting Stock Market Winners

Traders like to shoot for big wins and are willing to accept small losses along the way. In the stock market, big winners unfold over years and could be a valuable core holding in a trading account. Stocks can be traded on margin and many brokers allow traders to margin stocks, futures and options in … Read more


Electronic Communications Network, frequently used for creating electronic stock or futures markets. Electronic Communications Networks, or ECNs, are electronic trading systems that automatically match buy and sell orders at specified prices.

Buttonwood Agreement

In 1790, the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, issued $80 million in bonds to pay for the Revolutionary War. On May 17, 1792 a group of twenty-four merchants and brokers gathered under a buttonwood tree at 68 Wall Street in lower Manhattan, New York City, and agreed to trade the securities. The … Read more

Dark Pools

A method through which which large Wall Street brokerage houses make secret deals away from the markets, in order to make trades that will not affect the price of large blocks of stock.