Understanding Market Sentiment

In this article we’ll explore the meaning of market sentiment and how you can use it in your trading. Market sentiment reflects the mood of investors, showing whether they are optimistic or pessimistic – bullish or bearish. Sentiment analysis measures the psychology of the crowd of market participants. Emotion often drives markets and market sentiment … Read more

Introduction to Moving Averages

Moving averages are among the most popular and widely used indicators. Moving averages are a method of smoothing price data and removing noise to visually depict and measure a trend. Moving averages are the basis of many technical trend following systems. The moving average is a trend following, lagging indicator – as the moving average … Read more

Hull Moving Average (HMA)

By Alan Hull The Hull Moving Average solves the age old dilemma of making a moving average more responsive to current price activity whilst maintaining curve smoothness. In fact the HMA almost eliminates lag altogether and manages to improve smoothing at the same time. To understand how it achieves both of these opposing outcomes simultaneously … Read more