Managing Money to Stay in the Market

by Ann C. Logue Traders love military metaphors: they keep copies of “Art of War” on their bookshelves and talk about attacking the market. And, they need to keep some powder dry. You can’t trade if you don’t have money. Margin will only get you so far; you have to have some cash in your … Read more

Position Sizing and Money Management Strategies for Traders

By Michael J. Carr, CMT Blackjack players at a casino will spend a lot of time deciding how much to bet on each hand. At least the serious ones do. Often, they even have a system. Traders may be surprised to realize they might not be as well prepared as savvy card players. Position sizing, … Read more

Jeff Quinto Presentation at CME

Jeff Quinto presentation on money management in trading. In this exciting presentation, Jeff shows you how he and other successful floor traders learned to handle the money in their trading account.

Implementing Money Management

Bennett McDowell Implementing sound money management encompasses many techniques and skills intertwined by the trader’s judgment. All three of these ingredients must be in place before the trader is said to be using a money management program along with their trading. Failure to implement a good money management program will leave the trader subject to … Read more