Jason Alan Jankovsky – Catch a Falling Knife

One of the oldest (and most outdated) trading maxims is: “Don’t Try to Catch a Falling Knife” The idea is that when a market is dropping hard and fast it is better to wait before attempting to buy it; the metaphor conjures images of a very messy outcome doing a lot of needless damage to … Read more

Catch a Falling Knife…

“How to buy bottoms and sell tops with confidence” Jason Alan Jankovsky FOREX Analyst & Trader Almost any trader with some experience has heard the trading maxim (or rule) “Don’t try to catch a falling knife…” It usually refers to buying a market falling in price and alludes to how dangerous it can be to … Read more

Understanding the Limitations of Technical Analysis

In this webinar, FOREX analyst & trader Jason Alan Jankovsky introduces you to often overlooked basics of technical analysis. For example, technical analysis cannot be relied on for building a winning trade approach because it is not predictive, it is historical. It is the traders’ failure to understand this critical difference when analyzing the FOREX … Read more