Bruce Kovner of Caxton Associates

By Jonathan Yates In discussing basketball players who step up in the playoffs and elevate their game to do what it takes to win the National Basketball Association (NBA) championship, NBA analyst Kenny Smith remarked, “The great ones have short memories.”  If a player is dwelling on their last missed shot, they will not have … Read more

Phil Falcone

The youngest of nine siblings, Phil Falcone was an avid and formidable hockey player as a youth in his hometown of Chisholm, Minnesota. He went on to play hockey for Harvard University, where he graduated with a BA in economics in 1984. Falcone began his career in 1985, trading high yield and distressed securities at … Read more

Noam Gottesman

Firm: GLG Partners City: London 2008 Age: 46 2008 Assets Under Management: $30 Billion Noam Gottesman is one of the three founders of GLG Partners, a London based hedge fund. The fund was founded by Noam Gottesman, Pierre Lagrange and Jonathan Green. The three, whose last names make up the name GLG, met while they … Read more

Daniel Loeb

Firm: Third Point Management City: New York 2008 Age: 46 Loeb grew up in Santa Monica Canyon in California. One of three children, his father was an attorney and his mother a historian. An astute trader from a young age, Loeb was already trading stocks in high school. After spending two years at the University … Read more

Toby Crabel

Toby Crabel is a celebrated commodities trader, and the fund manager of Crabel Capital Management. Crabel manages 2.8 billion dollars and achieved a growth rate of 16.7% in 2005. Crabel did not have a losing year from 1991 to 2002. Crabel attended Florida Technological University, and majored in finance. While attending college Toby began to … Read more

Tim Barakett

Firm: Atticus Capital City: New York 2008 Age: 42 2008 Assets Under Management (AUM): $17.5 Billion Atticus Capital was founded in 1995 by Timothy Barakett and Nathaniel Rothschild. Barakett played hockey for Harvard University and was a first round pick in the 1986 NHL draft – but turned down a chance to play for the … Read more

Eddie Lampert

Firm: ESL Investments City: Greenwich, Connecticut 2008 Age: 46 Edward S. “Eddie” Lampert is the founder of ESL Investments. Lampert graduated from Yale University in 1984 with a degree in economics. While at Yale he worked as a research assistant for Professor James Tobin, a Nobel Prize winning economist. Lampert was also a member of … Read more

Richard Perry

Firm: Perry Capital City: New York 2008 Age: 53 2008 Assets Under Management (AUM): $15 Billion Richard Perry received a BS from the University of University of Pennsylvania, and earned an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Like Dan Och and Eddie Lampert, Richard Perry worked in the Risk Arbitage department at … Read more

Ray Dalio

Firm: Bridgewater Associates City: Westport, Connecticut 2008 Age: 58 2008 Assets Under Management: $160 Billion Ray Dalio is rumoured to have started trading at the age of 12. Having gained experience in futures and commodities at firms including Merrill Lynch, Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates in 1975. Bridgewater Associates is a global investment management behemoth with … Read more