Gold Extends Gains Following Dovish Fed Remarks

Gold marched higher in early trading on Thursday, rising above the 200-period simple moving average (SMA) – an important line in the sand between bulls and bears in the market. The yellow metal surged and the US dollar wilted on Wednesday, following accommodative comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

Double Bottom Pattern in Gold

Gold has formed a double bottom reversal pattern on the daily chart. Price has risen from the lows of $1,676 and is nearing the neckline at $1,755. A breakout with good volume above this level would be conidered bullish from a technical perspective. Gold prices were lifted this week by a weaker US dollar and … Read more

Gold Slips to 9-Month Lows Ahead of Nonfarm Payrolls

Gold fell to its lowest levels since last June in early Friday trading. The move came as the US dollar was boosted by remarks from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Thursday. Powell reiterated his intention to continue with easy-monetary policy, but did not signal an intention to suppress the rise in Treasury yields. Rising … Read more

Gold Demand Trends Q1 2013 Report Summary

The World Gold Council has produced the Gold Demand Trends (GTD) report since 1996 and the latest publication of this industry leading resource is now available. The findings for this financial quarter, Q1 2013 are summarized below. Overall Demand A fall of 13%, excluding OTC investment, otherwise flat compared to 2012. Individual Market Demand India … Read more

A Different Way To Own Gold?

With gold dominating headlines today, you might be wondering how to own the mysterious yellow metal.  After 11 years of gains, many investors are beginning to understand the logic professed by gold bugs throughout this bull market. 

Gold Series Part III – Gold Rush!

We began this series with an attempt to cut through media spin and answer the question what is gold?  Next we laid out a fundamental strategy for owning gold in a balanced portfolio. 

Gold Series Part II: How To Own Gold?

We have established gold’s critical role as the backbone of monetary systems. Hopefully there is an understanding at this point that your personal assets should likewise be backed by something real. The logical question remains, how should one acquire this misunderstood asset?

Gold Series Part 1: Why do People Buy Gold?

Sandwiched between mercury and platinum on the periodic table, gold is just another element occurring naturally in the earth’s crust. This shiny yellow metal differs from its peers in that it has a powerful effect on human beings.

Gold ETF’s Shine In Inflationary Times

What to make of the current inflationary economic climate? To hear a government economist tell it, it’s basically “nothing to worry folks. Nothing to see here.”