Elliott Wave Theory

A technical analysis market timing strategy published by Ralph Nelson Elliott. Elliott Wave Analysis is based on repetitive wave patterns and the Fibonacci number sequence. The theory asserts that the stock market moves up in a series of five waves and down in a series of three waves, predicting price movements on the basis of … Read more

Ralph Nelson Elliott Biography

Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871-1948) was an accountant and business executive with railroad companies in Mexico and Central America. A serious physical malady, possibly anemia left him bedridden and forced into retirement in 1929. As a distraction, Elliott turned to study¬† the stock market and the historical price movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Elliott … Read more

Elliott Wave

(1) A theory named after Ralph Nelson Elliott, who contended that the stock market tends to move in discernible and predictable patterns reflecting the basic harmony of nature and extended by other technical analysts to futures markets; (2) in technical analysis, a charting method based on the belief that all prices act as waves, rising … Read more

Price Channel

Price Channels were originally used by Ralph Nelson Elliott in calculating price objectives and to signal the completion of wave counts that were central to his Elliott Wave Theory. Chart courtesy of Prophet Financial Systems