The Power of Persistency

Trading Persistent PullbacksBy Dave Landry “One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.” – Occam’s Razor “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Davinci In Was Right In Front Of Me All Along I spent many years searching for the perfect methodology. I would wake up early … Read more

Dave Landry: Getting Into Emerging Trends Early With Bowties and First Thrusts

Trends don’t seem to last as long as they used to. However, you can’t just sell a market because it is high or buy it because it is low. Top picking and bottom picking is a loser’s game. You’re much better off waiting for signs that a new trend may be emerging and then look to get on as soon as possible. In my webinar I’ll show you how to do just that with two of my favorite trend transitional patterns: Bowties and First Thrusts.

The Three Pillars Of Trading By Dave Landry

Most focus on the importance of a viable methodology when looking to trade and forget about the other crucial aspects: the money management and trader’s psychology involved with following the methodology. Therefore, in this webinar, Dave focuses on 3 Pillars of trading: 1. The Methodology 2. Money Management 3. Trader’s Psychology For methodology, Dave describes … Read more

Dave Landry – A Simple Approach to Trading Trends

Predicting markets is like predicting the weather, only short-term forecasts are viable. Short-term trading has the advantages of generally lower risk but unfortunately, the profits are limited. The real money is in longer-term trends but the risks are too high, especially since they are so hard to predict. So what’s a trader to do when … Read more

Dave Landry – Trading For Both Short-term and Longer-term Gains

In markets, only the short-term can be predicted when any degree of accuracy. Further, short-term trading has the advantage of somewhat limited risk. It is not without its pitfalls though. Short-term trades have limited gains due to their brief exposure to the markets. Big trends take time to develop. The real money is in longer-term … Read more

A Trader’s Journey Presented By Dave Landry

Dave shows how many successful traders take the same exact journey. They start with a simple method but slowly make it more complex. They search for the perfect indicators, thinking that if they work hard enough, they’ll find them. Unfortunately, it becomes so complex that they lose sight of basics. The true enlightenment comes when … Read more