Using Volume to Make Better Trades

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked what tools I use to trade. It would be easy money because my answer is always the same: chart patterns and volume.

Tim Racette: Daytrading the Futures Markets

Trader Tim of walks you through how to use 3 key tools for day trading the futures markets. In this presentation you will learn: – How to use these 3 key tools for day trading – How to identify a high quality setup – How to enter, manage, and exit a trade from start … Read more

Introduction to Market Profile

Learn from the professionals how to apply Market Profile charting techniques to the intraday futures markets in this webinar.

Australian Dollar, Stock Market Surge After Surprise Election Results

The Australian dollar traded sharply higher on Monday following Australia’s election outcome over the weekend. The unexpected victory for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his conservative Liberal National coalition party came after six volatile years of government. The center-left Labor party had been favored to win the federal election. Despite the spike, the Aussie still … Read more