As developers of the award-winning Metro electronic trading and market-making platform, Chicago-based OptionsCity Software has helped options traders make markets and trade on the world’s leading derivative markets since 2006. OptionsCity continues to innovate with the development of Freeway, a multi-asset trading platform designed to build, test, and deploy algorithms with micro-second execution. OptionsCity products are built on power, speed and reliability that options traders require to have full control over trading, safety, and risk management. OptionsCity is a certified Independent Software Vendor on leading global derivative exchanges and markets.

About Metro

OptionsCity Metro, is a fully configurable electronic trading platform that creates a distinctive edge by enabling options traders to have full control over trading, safety and risk management. OptionsCity™ Metro allows a simplified trading experience by providing:

  • Intuitive Interface:
    • Less clutter;
    • Streamlined feature set;
    • Modular presentations;
    • Separation of tasks;
    • Filtered views;
    • Graphical presentation of data.
  • Dynamic Quoting Engine:
    • Algorithmic quoting;
    • Fast quote construction;
    • Non-scripting logic technology for traders to instinctively react to market conditions rather than be limited by scripts;
    • Proprietary quoting algorithms optimized for speed.
  • High Performance
    • Overall minimum latency throughout the system;
    • Powerful server side execution.
  • Mitigating Risk Substantially
    • Early detection and automated response to extreme market conditions based on thresholds defined by the traders;
    • Safety features to protect and warn from human error;
    • Clear understanding and management of risk to allow for profitable trading;
    • Enhanced traders communication by providing the ability to chat and share trade settings and monitor trading activities between teams.
  • Lowering High-scale Costs
    • Strategy automation through wizards, and not requiring scripts, to create trading strategies as powerful as if the traders have their own software developers;
    • Integration with existing and proprietary solutions, such as proprietary pricing models;
    • Auto Opportunity Response System (AORS) based on triggers the traders set to respond to opportunities.
  • Increase Reliability
    • Allows traders to deal effectively with large volumes;
    • Speedy execution through customized pricing, automated quoting and risk management features and algorithms.
  • Extensible Connectivity
    • Simultaneous access to various exchanges;
    • Unified market access enabling new exchange connections as and when required.
  • Easy Integration
    • Open Architecture allows easy integration with existing systems;
    • Adaptable technology permits traders to fully automate trading strategies and maintain order work flow.

Website: OptionsCity.com


About Freeway

OptionsCity® Freeway™ is a fast and powerful server-based trading platform designed for quick development and deployment of custom automated trading strategies. These custom algorithms, defined as Jobs within Freeway, are written in standard Java or Scala code using industry standard tools and a straight-forward Application Programming Interface (API). Jobs can execute trades, dynamically reconfigure themselves based on changing market conditions, and perform market analysis, including historical comparisons and risk monitoring.


  • Freeway offers traders and developers a complete environment to easily and quickly build, test and simulate, deploy, and execute algorithms. Using a simple API for algorithmic development, developers and traders can customize algorithms (called Jobs) in either Java or Scala code.  These “Jobs” will execute trades, dynamically reconfigure themselves based on changing market conditions, and perform market analysis, including historical comparisons and risk monitoring.
  • Much like a car dashboard, the easy-to-use interface allows traders to quickly monitor and set limits for which they deploy and control hundreds of custom “Jobs,” based on customized algorithms.
  • Traders are able to customize their dashboard by adding probes and graphical displays to analyze market information, signal running Jobs real-time and monitor Job performances, bringing to life the power of the human decision-making process and the speed of automated execution.
  • Freeway fully integrates with OptionsCity Metro’s centralized server-based risk management to easily display the risk associated with Freeway trades. It lays out risk across a span of underlying prices as well as various ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • The Algo Store is an online algorithm repository: a collaborative environment that provides a market for traders to create, purchase and download algorithms.  Third-party programmers are able to use The Algo Store to write and sell algorithms or components to traders around the world.  The Algo Store provides examples for Freeway users such as delta and gamma hedging, opportunity detection, quoting algorithms and auto spreaders.


  • High performance:  Freeway’s ultra-low latency and micro-second execution enable traders to monitor trades in real time and quickly react to changing market conditions.
  • Connectivity:  Servers collocated next to the exchange matching engines, allowing for simultaneous and direct exchange access to many exchanges.
  • Environment:  Freeway provides the complete development environment with a simple API for algorithm development available in Java or Scala, which allows for minimal cycle time from development to testing to execution.
  • Integrated Data Visualization:  The data visualization capabilities include the internal Freeway operating parameters and custom data probes. Freeway maximizes the combined power of the human decision-making process and the high-speed automated algorithms within the Freeway server by allowing bidirectional signaling between executing jobs and the dashboard.
  • Simulation & Playback Tools:  The playback tool allows traders to record market data and replay it at different speeds to test their algorithms.  Traders can select which jobs they would like to run on the recorded market data within the simulation environment.
  • For more information or to schedule a live demo, please visit www.optionscity.com.