Kevin ‘Huddy’ Hudson – The Basics of Market Profile

Kevin “Huddy” Hudson is a full-time trader and coach to fellow traders specializing in the S&P E-mini futures contract. He has spent many years perfecting his entry and exit techniques using channels and trend lines along with critical Market Profile levels to find and trade both minor and major support areas. He has made a living trading the markets for more than a decade. As the founder of, Huddy loves to pass along his thoughts about the market and trade ideas to subscribers and students. Nothing makes him happier than seeing a student actually “get it”.

In this webinar we will cover the basics of market profile, and our proprietary “ProMax” Profile tool, along with the proper use of the Delta Volume Study to pinpoint entry and exit areas in the market of your choosing. Huddy will weave in his thoughts about the proper trading discipline and mindset throughout the presentation. Stay tuned for an opportunity to join Huddy and his team for an interatctive Q and A in his virtual classroom.