Identifying Winning Index & Sector Trades

Short-term opportunities abound in this volatile market, particularly in indexes and sectors. Technical strategist, Mike Paulenoff, shares how he uses pattern recognition, oscillators, and market psychology overlaid with macroeconomic analysis to identify short-term opportunities in gold, oil, the dollar, the emini S&P and other indices and asset classes. He will show how his strategy has resulted in 60% winning trades over the last five years.

Michael Paulenoff is author of, a real-time diary of his index & sector analysis and trade alerts. Mike has been a student of and a participant in the world financial markets for more than 30 years, since his graduation from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1979. Early in his career he analyzed the fundamental and technical aspects of the financial and commodity futures markets for Smith Barney, Harris Upham, and for Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. From 1988 to 1993 he was President of MJ Capital Inc., a market analysis and trading firm, which advised clients involved in the financial futures and commodity markets. In 1992-93, he co-authored, The Business-One Irwin Guide to the Futures Markets (with Stanley Kroll). Republic National Bank recruited Michael in January 1994, for the position of strategic trader, and market analyst on the bank’s trading floor, which included analysis and trading of instruments in foreign exchange, emerging markets, stock indices, and precious metals. In February 1999, Michael founded MJP Market Strategies, Inc., a financial market advisory firm, and developed in October 1999. In addition, from August 2000 through August 2001, he was the chief on-air market consultant and strategist for JAGfn, a live, daily 8-hour financial market webcast and cable TV show produced by Jagnotes, Inc. Mike has been a contributing analyst to Harry Boxer’s The Technical Trader since June 2002, and in February 2003 launched