German Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Importance: High.
Published by: Federal Statistics Office, Germany.
Frequency: Monthly.
Release Time: 7 AM Continental Time. The Preliminary CPI is published around the 25th of each month and the final numbers are released two weeks later.
Coverage: Preliminary CPI covers the same month and Final CPI covers the prior month.
Revisions: The report may contain revisions for prior months.
This release is the principle price inflation gauge for Germany. The German Consumer Price Index influences the European economy and also the the policies of the European Central Bank (ECB), which sets short term interest rates in Euroland.

Compiled by the Federal Statistics Office, CPI measures the average change in prices for all goods and services bought by households for the purpose of consumption. Normally the markets are most sensitive to the preliminary release – this is because these numbers seldom differs much from the final numbers.