Gecko Software: Track ‘n Trade

Since the original version of Track ‘n Trade was released each subsequent version has built upon the powerful and intuitive capabilities of the previous versions. Gecko Software now offers robust real time charting & analytical, live trading platforms (futures & forex) where users can place actual trades directly on the charts by dragging and dropping or simply by clicking a button. Additionally, Gecko Software offers charting & analytical software for futures (end-of-day) and stocks (20-minute delayed) that both have built-in historical simulators for practicing trading techniques as well as tracking portfolios.

Gecko Software, Inc. now specializes in the development of software applications designed to assist futures, forex, and stocks traders in becoming successful at trading the financial markets. Track ‘n Trade has been featured in some of the industry’s top national publications including:Stocks and Commodities, Futures Magazine, Trader’s World, and Active Trader.¬†Track ‘n Trade received the Stocks & Commodities People’s Choice Award six times.