Andrei Knight – Finding Your Entry

Learn how to spot the 3 different types of entries: trend-following, range, and counter-trend, as well as how to confirm those signals and fine-tune your timing. You will learn how to use familiar tools in unique ways and combinations to yield leading, rather than lagging signals, and add clarity instead of ending up in “analysis paralysis”. Join leading fund manager and trading coach Andrei Knight for this exciting instructional webinar which will transform the way you look at charts and help you achieve better trading results.

Mr. Knight is the author of “Trading Forex for a Living” from Harriman House, the “Institutional Trading Secrets Revealed” DVD course from Rockwell Trading, as well as the forth-coming DVD “Fibonacci: Unlocking the Market Code” from FXStreet. His insights and analysis are featured regularly on DailyFX, FXStreet, ForexPros, and the International Business Times, where he also sits on the advisory board. He is the founder of, a site committed to helping traders improve their performance, and tweets regularly as @BlackKnightFX.