Factory Orders

Importance: Low.
Source: The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce.
Release: 10:00 ET around the first business day of the month. Data is for prior two months.
Volatility: High.
Web: www.census.gov/ftp/pub/indicator/www/m3/index.htm

The factory orders release is made up of the already announced durable goods report in addition to the new component of non-durable goods orders (items such items as food, clothing, gasoline and tobacco products). Revisions to the volatile durable orders data, which can be significant, are also watched in this release. Factory inventories are also included in the report, and this figure is used in forecasting inventories in the quarterly GDP report. Keeping watch on inventories is significant because a buildup may cause a recession. The Factory Orders report is important because it reflects the pace of production in upcoming months.

Market Reaction:

EventFixed IncomeEquitiesDollar
Factory Orders UpBond Market DownNo ReactionNo Reaction
Factory Orders DownBond Market UpNo ReactionNo Reaction