Dave Landry – Trading For Both Short-term and Longer-term Gains

In markets, only the short-term can be predicted when any degree of accuracy. Further, short-term trading has the advantage of somewhat limited risk. It is not without its pitfalls though. Short-term trades have limited gains due to their brief exposure to the markets. Big trends take time to develop. The real money is in longer-term trading. Unfortunately, longer-term trading has lower accuracy and has the potential for larger losses.

Longer-term trading has bigger opportunities but risks too much. Short-term trading has smaller risks but does not make enough. So, what’s a trader to do? Simple, it is not a mutually exclusive decision. Why not trade a hybrid approach where you trade for short-term gains but be willing to stay with a portion of the position as long as the market moves in your favor?

In this webinar, Dave will show you how to trade for both short and long-term gains through proper position and money management. This hybrid approach allows you to have your cake and eat it too.